Archaeology and cultural heritage management

Cultural heritage management 

Complete end to end solutions for heritage management projects

Comber Consultants provides a complete end to end solution for your heritage management project. We undertake assessments, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community consultation, prepare permit applications and all necessary documentations. We assess buildings, structures and cultural landscapes to prepare Statements of Heritage Impact and Conservation Managements Plans. We provide advice to the public, develop and implement strategies to promote cultural heritage conservation and provide heritage education and training. We are guided by the Burra Charter and best practice management to ensure outcomes that meet statutory requirements and are suitable for the client and the Office of Environment & Heritage.

Aboriginal archaeology

Comber Consultants undertakes archaeological surveys, assessments, monitoring, testing and salvage excavations. We undertake the community consultation and preparation of Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits (AHIPS). All Aboriginal archaeological reports are prepared in accordance with the Office of Environment & Heritage’s (OEH) Code of Practice for Archaeological Investigation of Aboriginal Objects in New South Wales and Due Diligence Code of Practice for the Protection of Aboriginal Objects in New South Wales.
Site covered for archaeological surveys

 Aboriginal community consultation

Comber Consultants has developed a close working relationship with Aboriginal organisations across New South Wales. We undertake Aboriginal consultation in accordance with OEH’s Aboriginal cultural heritage consultation requirements for proponents 2010 and prepare the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report which details the consultation and prepare the Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP) application.

 Historical (non-Aboriginal) archaeology

Comber Consultants undertakes detailed historic research, assessments, testing and monitoring of historic sites. We undertake community consultation, if required, undertake significance assessments and provide mitigation and management recommendations. All historical archaeological reports are prepared in accordance with the NSW Heritage Council’s Heritage Manual and Historical Archaeology Code of Practice. Our CVs are registered with the Heritage Council of NSW and we are able to obtain s60 and s140 permits.
Archaeological survey getting ready to dive in water

Underwater archaeology

Comber Consultants experienced, professional maritime archaeologists undertake underwater surveys, assessment, excavation and the provision of advice. Our Maritime Archaeologists are accredited ADAS, (Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme), occupational divers and diver supervisors.

Statements of Heritage Impact

Councils often require Statements of Heritage Impact (SoHI) to assess the impact of a proposal on the cultural heritage significance of a place. We are able to provide a detailed SoHI which includes detailed historic background, an assessment of the proposal on the archaeology, built environment, landscape, views etc. We consider and apply the provisions of the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Heritage Council requirements.

Conservation Management Plans

Comber Consultants can prepare a detailed Conservation Management Plan (CMP) including a schedule of works and architectural drawings. The CMP will provide policies and guidelines for the ongoing management of the site or place. We can also provide just the archaeological component of the CMP.

Expert Witness

Jillian Comber of Comber Consultants has extensive experience as an expert witness. She can prepare the relevant witness statements and joint conference reports for the Land & Environment Court. She is aware of and understands the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 applicable to expert evidence and the code of conduct set out in Schedule 7 of those rules.

Cultural heritage education and training

Comber Consultants’ staff are trained and experienced educators and communicators. All staff have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. We have provided site officer training to Aboriginal Land Councils and cultural heritage management training to Local Government and State Government agencies. Comber Consultants’ also provides onsite cultural heritage inductions. We have a great depth of experience with course preparation and delivery to a wide range of audiences.
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