Partnerships for heritage management in Australia


Patrick O’Carrigan + Partners P/L

Comber Consultants works in partnership with the architectural firm Patrick O’Carrigan + Partners P/L [ NSW ARB reg 5025] in Australia. This partnership with a highly experienced heritage Architect and former heritage advisor, and the committed team ensures the production of high quality 2-D digital plans for reports prepared by Comber Consultants. CAD capabilities in-house include working in Autocad from both surveyors X- ref and .dwg formats to produce highly accurate, scalable documents printable in all hard and soft copy formats in a timely manner.
In addition Comber Consultants and Patrick O’Carrigan + Partners collaborate on projects requiring both archaeological and architectural input such as conservation management plans and statements of heritage impact. This ensures high quality and professional reports in accordance with Heritage Branch and Council DA requirements.
Playback Public History

Playback Public History is a history and heritage consultancy. Comber Consultants and Playback Public History collaborate on a variety of projects that require specialised, high quality outcomes through social histories, oral histories or archival input into public interpretation of heritage.Principals of the Playback Public History consultancy are Mary Ann Hamilton and Sue Andersen who have over 18 years experience working together and individually as historians and oral historians.

Sue Andersen

Sue has over twenty years experience in the museum, cultural and historical industries. Her skills are in the areas of historical research & writing, interpretation and management, social and oral history, client and community liaison, negotiation, planning, and coordination.
Sue has strong project management skills and has also been responsible for managing a range of exhibition and cultural projects for clients, and the international touring of exhibitions for the Australian Museum. In addition, Sue has produced many well regarded radio features for ABC Radio.

Mary Ann Hamilton

Mary Ann has had over twenty years experience in the arts and cultural, history and heritage industries. Her skills include historical and oral history research, writing for publication and interpretation, facilitation of community based arts and cultural projects, curation of gallery and internet exhibition and community liaison.
In addition Mary Ann has long standing expertise in the analysis and assessment of significance for heritage projects and audio visual production skills for exhibition and broadcast.

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